Spectrum Health Products, Inc. (SHP) is the parent company to some of the most innovative brands producing functional foods, beverages, supplements, health, and cosmetic products on the market. NuCeutra is SHP’s flagship brand with focus on producing powerful and effective alternatives to pharmaceuticals and performance supplements. All NuCeutra products leverage patented technologies paired with natural ingredients that effectively modulate the many vital systems of the body. Unlike other brands that rely solely on CBD, NuCeutra combines many active ingredients to optimize the body’s natural
defense mechanism to achieve homeostasis.

Patented Technology

A fundamentally advanced nanotechnology designed to be the most bioavailable water-soluble delivery mechanism available. The patented helictical Host-Molecule has a lipophilic interior that attracts CBD molecules and encapsulates it with a hydrophilic exterior, effectively dispersing the CBD evenly in solution. The Host-Molecule can be manipulated in order to control product texture, flavor, time-release, and more. The implications of this technology is far more profound than simply improving efficacy for the user. Increased efficacy, or bioavailability, reduces the necessary active ingredients, thereby reducing the most expensive ingredients in the manufacture’s cost of goods sold. Better products become cheaper to make.